Dance exercise workout DVD - As Seen On TV

"Earning activity points with dance exercise has never felt this good"

You now get The enhanced version of the DanceX DVD
that has 3 FREE bonus features Valued at $37.95

  • Bonus Feature #1: 8 minute floor abs routine, to help strengthen your core and develop a good set of abs! - $12.95 value
  • Bonus Feature #2: Move Your Body, Move Your Life motivation feature to keep you inspired. - $7.95 value
  • Bonus Feature #3: A $15.95 value - 7 Nutrition Tips that will help you lose fat permanently. It's a fact, 90% of the people who go on latest and greatest fat diets gain all the weight back and sometimes they end up fatter than when they started. Unnecessary extra fat adds years to your life, learn how to be in the successful and keep the weight off forever. You will learn about.
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  • Nutrition tips on how to crank up your metabolism and turn your body into a food-incinerating, fat-melting human blast furnace!
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  • ​How and what to eat so as to boost your energy levels higher than you ever thought possible.
  • The best type of supplements to take. Which are not multi-vitamins.

The danceX DVD features twenty (20) hit songs from around the world including the Bhangra hit Laila by Shahin Badar. You will be working out to Disco, Latin dance, 50's, Bhangra, African, Brazilian Samba, Irish Dance, Classical Music, Soul Dance & much more.

Click PLAY & listen to a few samples of the music including hit song Laila.

"With a music mix that includes Latin, Bhangra, Irish, African, Indian and disco, it would be hard not to feel inspired to get up and dance.".

"DanceX Everybody's Workout Total Body Cardio has creative moves...high-energy, low impact cardio that works the heart and other muscles...

So What Is DanceX?

Lately, as the word about danceX spreads like wildfire, a lot of people ask about my new exercise videos. Even though I’ve tried and tried to create good commercials to explain danceX, it’s challenging because

There Is Nothing Else Like It.

So I figured why not tell you exactly what I would say if we sat down for a cup of coffee.

danceX fitness workout is not just a cardio dance workout, but Total Body Cardio using fun & easy to follow low impact athletic exercise moves. Which means you use every part of your body to give you

The Perfect Cardiovascular Workout.

From head to toe, I will help you move every muscle in the body all 650 of them! I will get your heart rate up and keep it there. Remember, these are the same fat loss techniques the leanest athletes use.

DanceX Is So Easy To Follow and So Much Fun You’ll Forget You Are Actually Working Out!

Some of the simple athletic dance workout moves we use are like The Hitch Hike, Twist, Disco Roll, John Travolta Point, Hug Me/Hold Me, Chicken, Irish Kicks and so much more.

These Easy To Follow & Low Impact Athletic Moves

are integrated to create a great exercise dancing video designed to improve aerobic capacity, muscle endurance, and strengthen your core while burning serious calories! Newspapers, TV and online reviews all say danceX is one of the best dancing exercise videos on the market. Why do you need danceX? Because it's easy to follow.

You Will Burn Stubborn Body Fat

Strengthen your arms, legs, chest, shoulders, back, and abs. After using our fun exercise dancing video you'll have greater endurance and energy galore!

Got Two Left Feet? That’s No problem!

Everyone gets a great workout! You will not need to rewind the danceX DVD in the middle of the routine because there is no complex choreography to learn. Just fun, easy to follow & low impact dance exercise videos that will leave you sweating, inspired and energized!

This dynamic cardio dance workout video delivers results and it will leave you sweating for more! danceX are fun unique total body dance exercise dvd's that are fun for the entire family! Designed for men, women and children of all dance and fitness levels. danceX is everybody’s workout. The only requirement needed is a heartbeat.

“Fitness expert Kenn Kihiu knows what it takes for anyone to increase their energy level, lose stubborn body fat and get fit! Kenn's DanceX is a fun dance exercise workout for everyone, even for those who think they have no rhythm”

Thousands of People Just Like You Have Done

The DanceX Dance Exercise Workout & Loved It!

It was freezing! Notice everyone in jackets and scarfs,

but they wanted a great workout and they got it!

"If you avoid exercise videos like the plague because you think you lack the coordination to follow the moves, Total Body Cardio may be the answer. This dance aerobics workout is perfect for people who want to exercise and have fun, but tend to have two left feet when it comes to learning choreography.... an excellent workout for anyone looking for a low-moderate intensity routine with simple moves and great music. Kenn Kihiu leads this workout and may be the happiest fitness instructor I've ever seen. He has a blinding smile and is obviously having so much fun, it's hard not to have fun yourself."

" The skinny: This is my surprise favorite. The workout has a warm-up and cool-down, an abs workout and a wide selection of dance sessions from which to choose, including the Hitch Hike, Twist, Disco Roll, John Travolta Point, Hug Me/Hold Me, Chicken and Irish Kicks ("Lord of the Dance" ring a bell?). Or you can select "My Workout" and Kihiu mixes it up for you. The music is upbeat and energizing; the dance moves are easy to follow. Kihiu breaks down a lot of the moves to common activities such as screwing in a light bulb or driving a car. You'll need: Nothing, or, as Kihiu says, just a heartbeat."

The Facts You Should Know About Cardiovascular Fitness!

Over the years, I have watched with dismay how the so called "experts" have dismissed the importance of Cardio and Aerobic fitness. Your heart is the most important muscle in the body and it beats over 100,000 times a day. Without the right cardiovascular training, you will pack stubborn body fat, notice a significant drop in energy levels, a lowered immune system, have problems sleeping and experience an expanding waistline. Let me keep it simple and give it to you straight. You MUST do cardiovascular training to get lean and recapture the strength, power and vitality of your best days. My danceX workout does exactly this and it will help you turn back the clock. It's a fun total body cardio workout everyone can do and best of all it's fun!

Dance X is so much fun it hardly feels like you're working out, the result - you enjoy exercising, rapidly burn fat and lose weight. It's that simple! Used by thousands of people around the world to get in incredible shape, we continuously receive rave reviews from the media and from ordinary folks just like you!

Why The Secret to Weight Loss is Total Body Cardio

Everyone is looking for the secret to losing weight and everyone wants it to be easy. We have all seen the as seen on TV commercials. Loose 30 pounds in 30 days. We live in the “microwave society” we want it quick, easy and cheaply and most of us have tried

  • Purchasing worthless gadgets and gizmos - You are up late at night and see a late-night infomercial promising the world. For only 5 minutes a day you can lose 10 inches in 10 days if you wear a belt or use a ‘miracle weight loss gadget” You later return it after you realize it didn't deliver the "30 Day Miracle" it promised.
  • Taking “Fat burning” Supplements – Good news you are not alone. Everyone has tried some sort of miracle fat burning supplement, well you know the results don’t you. The results if any can be short term like 2 -4 weeks. You also cannot take the supplements long term (more than 30 days) because they are what I call expensive urine and they will not deliver the desired fat loss results but even worse most are harmful to your health.
  • Quick fix surgery – This fixes the symptom not the cause. This may help many people lose weight, however there are dangers and complications that will require numerous follow-up operations and some even end up gaining the weight back.

Ask yourself. Wild animals don't go to the gym but they are lean and strong.
This is because they know the secret.  It's Total Body Cardio

Total body cardio involves getting your heart rate up, keeping it there as you move all parts of your body. Over the years, we have gotten fatter as we have turned away from the importance of cardio. Make cardio a priority and you will see the results.

Today there are so many cardio options like running, cycling, rowing and the treadmill. But most of us get bored easily so we need a cardio workout that never gets boring. We can have that with dancing. Remember how much fun you had when you used to dance? Remember how fit, healthy and trim you were? Now you can get those same results with danceX – Total Body Cardio Workout.

danceX moves are fun, functional and they work your entire body from head to toe especially your core which includes your abs and your back.

dance X will put an aerobic demand on your body and still target specific muscle groups, so what you get is a total body workout.

Even if the last time you danced was your prom, you will still love our exercise videos because danceX is a FUN, simple and easy to follow dance fitness workout. You will be fully be engaged and having a blast from start to finish.

Regardless of age, fitness or dance ability you will love doing the danceX workout.

I just finished the DanceX workout. What a blast! I'm almost 48 and I loved it. It's perfect for anyone like me who loves to dance. Awesome music, fun and easy to follow workout, inspiring instructor with a wonderful personality. I wouldn't change a thing! I hope you'll keep making workouts like this. I'm going to order the kid's workout to do with my 6 year old (who also likes to dance.) Thanks!
- Rhonda F

All I can say is WOW! I lurve lurve lurve this workout! lurve the moves that use every muscle of the body with little floorspace and no equipment and especially lurve the fantastic music that kept me going even when running out of steam Please please please create more workout dvds! Thanks for making this birthday gift which I selected for myself so special
- Barb S

But, thank you for giving me the opportunity. I am 56 years old and I feel like 20.
- Patti J

So Do You Think You Can danceX