New Easy Exercise Videos With Low Impact Dance Exercises Gaining Popularity With People Over 50

DanceX is a new brand of easy exercise videos that is gaining popularity with people over 50 because itís fun, low impact and easy to follow.  Now people over 50 are using DanceX to burn fat, get fit and have a great time dancing to music hits from around the world.


Washington, DC January 10th, 2008 - The hundreds of email testimonials from all around the world keep arriving at Kenn Kihiu's inbox.  Many seniors and people over 50 are expressing how much they love Kihiu's new easy exercise video "DanceX - Everybody's Workout: Total Body CardioĒ


Itís impossible not to turn on your TV these days and see complicated exercise videos that are marketed to the young, super coordinated and stick thin crowd.  But the main reason this new exercise video is growing in popularity is because itís different.  The DanceX workout will meet you where are in terms of your talent and fitness ability.


Now fitness over 50 can be fun and enjoyable with this dance exercise video.  Itís perfect for those who want to get fit, feel younger and have fun -- while traveling around the globe with some of the hottest music from around the world.  Itís an exercise video that is helping people achieve their weight loss and fitness goals while enjoying the fun of dancing


The DanceX exercise videos available from feature the irresistible and humorous Kenn Kihiu, a fitness expert who is a former street dancer.  Kihiuís new exercise videos feature incredible music from around the world (Disco, Latin dance, 50's, Bhangra, Africa, Brazilian Samba, Irish Dance, Classical Music, and Soul Dance).


DanceX combines global music hits with fun dance moves everyone will enjoy, such as The Chicken, Hitch Hike, Disco Rolls, Hug Me/Hold Me, John Travolta Point, Irish Kicks, The Twist, and many others. During the DVD's 40-minute easy-to-follow dance exercise workout, Kenn calls out the moves in advance so no one needs to memorize them.


"The only requirement needed is a heartbeat!" Says the charming and motivating Kihiu who is well known for his high energy, sense of humor and passion for health. In the danceX workout, Kihiu demonstrates a series of mostly easy to follow and low impact exercises that are fun athletic and designed to improve aerobic capacity, muscle endurance and strengthen your core while burning serious calories.  Throughout the workout, Kenn Kihiu coaches and motivates viewers every step of the way!


"DanceX - Everybody's Workout: Total Body Cardio." (58 minutes, $24.95 only available at and comes with free shipping for a limited time to the U.S., including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, UPC Code #094922684653) The exercise DVD also features "7 Nutrition Tips for Improving Your Health," an "8 Minute Abs Workout, a danceX Promo Trailer, a "Move Your Body, Move Your Life" featurette, and more.






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