There is a big reason I really love health and fitness!

My Personal Story
What Health & Fitness Mean To Me

Dear Friend,
Two years after my Dad’s death, my Mom came to live with me. I was so happy to see her at the airport, but after hugging her and taking a quick look at Mom, I knew deep down inside things were just not right. She was not the woman I remembered.

She was not the strong, energetic and vital woman who worked full time and raised 6 kids. Growing up, I always remember a twinkle in her eye and a spring in her step; she was a beacon of strength. To me she was like wonder woman, but the lady I met at the airport had no energy, no strength, and no vitality.

Now that’s just the good news!

I came to find out that it was much worse! Even though she was only 60 years old, she appeared to be in her 90s. She was depressed, she had trouble remembering things, had no self-confidence, was out of shape and she had gained 30 pounds of fat. My Mom now had high blood pressure, severe type 2 diabetes and all sorts of aches and pains. My friend, to say she was in terrible shape is an understatement.

I had to do something. I needed to turn back the clock, because her life was at stake. I wanted the
mother I remembered as a kid because if she continued on this path, she would surely die before her time. I did not want her life cut short I needed her in my life.

This was beginning of my crusade to help her feel young, she needed motivation to start feeling good about herself again. Mom needed to start eating not just to lose weight but for her health. She needed to start moving again and having fun. What a transformation she went through! I was able to get her so healthy, that in her 60’s she says she feels 35 years young.

The proof: After our work together she wanted her life back! So she moved back to her own house and to top it off, she started dating again! I could not believe it, neither could my sisters. I recall laughing so hard when they said “Mom… you are doing what? You are going to the movies and going for coffee dates?” Yes, everything in life is possible.